Mini Waveswinger

One of our most popular rides, the Mini Wave Swinger is suitable for all kids brave enough to take on the thrill of swinging around and around at speed!


A smash hit attraction for all kids, you won't want to miss a ride on the Mini Wave Swinger!




Participants take part at their own risk

Participants must have no pre-existing medical conditions that could be aggravated by taking park in this activity

Pregnant women must not ride

You must not ride if you have had an operation within the last 12 months that through taking part in this activity the object of the operation could be aggravated

You must not take part in this activity if you are intoxicated by alcohol or drugs

Rules & Restrictions
  • You must sanitise your hands before and after using this attraction.
  • Please ensure social distancing etiquette is followed at all times.
  • Must be over 1 metre tall.
  • This ride is not suitable for adults
Tokens needed
  • 2 per person

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