Beach Bouncers
Beach Bouncers
Beach Bouncers

Beach Bouncers

Experienece the thrill of effortless airborne fun!!

This attraction is a perfect example of Issac Newtons Third Law of Motion - "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction"

Everytime you bounce down on the trampoline the elastic cords provide the opposite reaction by proppelling you high into the air. With a bit of coaching from our friendly staff you will be able to perform sommersaults and tumbles, mid-air and jump to exhillerating hights.


Rules & Restrictions
  • Must be over 2 years old
  • Must wear appropriate footwear (no flip flops allowed)
  • Persons exceeding 10 stone are unable to ride
  • Not suitable for expectant mothers, guests who have high blood pressure, heart problems, back/neck problems, broken limbs
Tokens needed
  • 4 per person

Opening Times

Mon - Sun: 12pm to 10pm

Entry Only £3!(Per Person)

Token Prices:
Tokens    £1.20 each  OR   10 for £10

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