Crazy Surf Miami
Crazy Surf Miami
Crazy Surf Miami

Crazy Surf Miami

A stomach-turning family ride not to be missed!

This is an exhilarating rotational ride that will give you a sudden drop sensation! Suitable for young and old, the whole family can sit together and experience the excitement!!


-  Participants take part at their own risk

-  Participants must have no pre-existing medical conditions that could be aggravated by taking part in this activity

-  Pregnant women must not ride or take part in this activity/ride

-  You must not ride if you have had an operation within the last 12 months that through taking part in this activity the object of the operation could be aggravated

-  You must not take part in this activity if you are intoxicated by alcohol or drugs

Rules & Restrictions
  • Must be 1.2m Tall
  • No hand-bags
  • The seats on this ride may not accommodate people with certain body dimensions. Please ask advice from the ride operator.
  • Not suitable for expectant mothers, guests who have high blood pressure, heart problems, back/neck problems, broken limbs
  • Not suitable for those with access needs
Tokens needed
  • 4 per person

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